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Designed to light up your music life, C-Music BA28 offers seamless and powerful sound processing, plus flexible inputs, Bluetooth streaming, and wireless control via our app. Moreover, BA28 will amplify your show with clear and accurate sound wherever you call your stage. Get your music show under the spotlight with our BA28 anywhere.


  • Celestion 8” Driver , 60W power, max spl 123db
  • 2 x Rechargeable , Hot-Swap Li-ion batteries pack for 12 hours operation
  • Free App (IOS and Android) for full function accessibility
  • 4 inputs with build in digital mixer, Mic/Inst. 1+2, Guitar and BT/AUX , 1 stereo 3.5mm mini-jack AUX output
  • Built in 16 band notch filter Automatic Feedback Eliminator (AFE) and Compressor on Channel 1 & 2 (Mic/Inst.)
  • Celestion IRs to replicate the legendary tone of Celestion speakers. (Greenback/Blue/Gold)
  • Built In FX1 (Overdrive/ Distortion) and FX2 (Tromolo/ Chrous/ flanger) with noise gate on Guitar channel
  • Bluetooth 5.0 Streaming and Aux input with Vocal remover plus pitch control.
  • With Built in Reverb in Mic/Inst. (1& 2) and Guitar channel, plus 2 band EQ on ALL input channels
  • 9 user slots/ scene memories for easy musician profiles saving and recall
  • Effect Send (out) and Return (in) for insert external stomp box or mult effect processor for Guitar Channel
  • Reverb mute accessible via footswitch jack
  • 4 standby mode: 20 mins/1 hour/2 hours and “Always On”

C-Music by Celestion Busking Amp

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