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*(Pre-Order Ships 4-6 Weeks)


Vintage MKII for Les Paul® (Select-able 50s & 60s)

✔ Solder-less Install
✔ Solder-less Pickup Changes
✔ Select-able Vintage 50's or Modern 60's Control Layout
✔ Vintage 50's smooth volume roll back for soulful cleans
✔ Modern 60's Retains Treble for Increased Clarity


The all new ObsidianWire Vintage MKII for Les Paul® combines the super popular Traditional Vintage 50's & Traditional Vintage 60's wiring for Les Paul® in to one product. You can now choose between the vintage roll back of the traditional vintage 50's harness, and superior clarity of the more modern 60's wiring with the flick of the switch. 

Even better, you get a switch for each pickup, so if you want to run a 50's setup on the neck pickup, and a 60s setup for the bridge pickup, YOU CAN.


Vintage 50's Wiring

Allow for some treble roll off when you roll back your volume control for an easy bridge between perfect warm cleans and searing leads.


The 50's wiring mod is a super popular Les Paul wiring upgrade that reverts your stock LP wiring back to the glory days, and the beginning of the Vintage Les Paul. This is our most popular and personal favorite Les Paul wiring.


Modern 60's Wiring 

Prevent treble loss when you roll back the volume for greater clarity and cut through at reduced volume levels.


The ObsidianWire Modern 60s wiring is made for clarity and cut through with an improved circuit that will help you retain treble at all volume levels.

Obsidian Vintage MK-II for Les Paul (Pre Order)

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