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Bizen works specialises in two types of LP models Flat Top and Curved Top. All Bizen body uses a variety of extremely high quality beech wood which is the attention to detail for the quality of sound important to Bizen Works. The neck of each guitar uses quality wood components as well. Bizen Works focuses on its own development of Bizen Vintage Custom and Modern Custom for the pickups to create the unique sound signature. Customer can customise their own guitar, from the vast variety of wood together with the other components from Bizen work. Production generally takes 5 - 6 months. For details, please contact us >>>

Bizen Works主要提供Flat Top以及Curved Top兩種形式的LP款設計.
Bizen Works其中一大特色就是木材,所有Bizen結他均會用上各種極上優質靚木.

而Pickup側使用自家開發的Bizen Vintage Custom及Modern Custom兩種.

Head Veneer



Back Plate

Wood Knob


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