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如需寄往外地, 一律使用EMS特快專遞, 下單後請聯絡本店安排運送, 所有海外寄件服務,買方需自行負擔所需運費. *(中國內地不提供寄件服務)
|結他類產品:HKD $1600(件), 其他:HKD $200(件).







2,Payme/轉數快付款, 如選用Payme/轉數快付款, 請先聯絡本店.

3,銀行轉帳入數,  只限HSBC戶口轉帳, 請先聯絡本店.


*Ryu's Guitars 龍 結他保留最終決定權

About shipping & delivery:

For all accessories and parts goods delivery, free delivery within Hong Kong via standard surface postal mail service is offered. If buyers are concerned about any potential loss regarding the standard postal mail service, buyers can choose to use registered mail or SF Express at buyers’ own additional costs.

For guitars purchase, please contact us via email ( to arrange delivery appointment or self-pick up at our shop upon placing the order.

In case of overseas shipment is required, our shop will always use EMS express delivery. After placing an order, please contact us to arrange delivery. For all overseas shipment, buyers must bear all the required shipping costs. Estimate shipping costs: HKD1600 per piece (for guitar); HKD200 per piece (for other products). Please take note that shipping to China is not supported for the time being.

Returning of goods:

If you find a product that does not meet the description of your order within 7 days after the order is sent, please contact us. We will re-arrange to send the correct goods according to the order. Other than the above reason, we do not accept other exchange or returns and we reserve the final right to determine the granting of an exchange or return.

Order change or cancellation:

After the order is confirmed, the order cannot be further changed or cancelled.

Payment methods:

1.Credit Card - we accept Visa/Master crediet card via our online store or our physical store.

2.Payme/FPS Payment - if you prefer to use Payme/FPS, please contact us in advance.

3. Bank Transfer - we only accept HSBC account transfer, please contact us in advance.


*All Rights Reserved by Ryu's Guitars

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