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Dragonfly is famous for producing long neck scale length. Its key design is the Triple 6 (666) where the neck is 666 mm (26.25inch) in length,Suitable for any drop tuning user.

The main models Sottile, Border, HI STA, Maroon, etc. are also available in 648mm and 666 mm version.

Bass guitars is manufactured with 4/5 strings, and neck length of 864mm. Dragonfly is also very particular about the sound, so offers with a variety of exotic wood for customers to choose when placing their orders. For other details, please contact us. >>>

dragonfly 以生產長弦距結他聞名,其重點設計Triple 6(666),就是666mm(26.25inch)的意思,以用作降調演奏為佳.
主要型號Sottile,Border,HI STA,Maroon等等,都提供666mm版本以及648mm版本.


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