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"Kaminari" is a famous brand from Yokohama, Japan. Products include self-designed electric guitar, and the flagship model “Liquid-2" jointly developed by Kaminari and Japan's largest OEM manufacturer Dyna. Guitar body is made of fine Ash, maple neck with rosewood fingerboard, fitted with own development of original Humbucker, Wikison’s tremolo system made by Gotoh. The interesting matching of the colour which consist of the “Metallic Burst color” unique to the Liquid series! Kaminari also develops and produces various kinds of cables which is used by many musicians. For ordering details please contact us >>>

琴身使用上等Ash材,Maple琴頸配Rosewood指板,自行研發Original Humbucker, Gotoh製作Wikinson震臂系統, 配色亦十分講究,其Metallic Brust色系為Liquid系列獨有!


Liquid 2



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