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ObsidianWire Custom '7-Way' for Strat® 

✔ Solder-less Install
✔ Solder-less Pickup Changes
✔ Play Neck + Bridge Pickups Together (Neck Pickup ON / Gilmour Switch)
✔ Traditional Control Layout
✔ Improved Clarity & Control  

Super Easy, Solder-less Install


The ObsidianWire Custom '7 Way' for Strat® wiring harness adds a 'Gilmour' style switch to mix your neck pickup into the bridge switch position, & even allows you to play all three pickup together, for the sweetest bell like Strat® sounds possible.

The '7 Way' set maintains all of your traditional Stratocaster® sounds with a traditional 5-way switch, volume control and two tone controls, but adds an additional switch for adding the neck pickup into the first three positions of the switch when required.

To keep things tidy and allow for the easiest install possible, we added the neck pickup switch to the second control. Just pull it up and the neck pickup will be switched ON. Press it down again and the harness will be returned to a traditional style setup.


'7-Way' Gilmour Switch Function 

Switch Position '7 Way' Gilmour Switch ON (UP)


1:Bridge Pickup + Neck Pickup
Bridge & Middle Pickup + Neck Pickup
Middle Pickup + Neck Pickup
Neck & Middle Pickup
5:Neck Pickup


Switch Positions '7 Way' Gilmour Switch OFF (DOWN):


1:Bridge Pickup
2:Bridge & Middle Pickup
3:Middle Pickup
4:Neck & Middle Pickup
5:Neck Pickup

Control Layout 


Switch: 5 - Way
Control 1: Master Volume
Control 2: Tone Control 1 (Neck Pickup)
Control 3: Tone Control 2 (Middle & Bridge Pickups) + Push Pull Neck Pickup ON Switch


American and Mexican series Fender® Strat® - Direct Fit // Right Hand Guitar Only

Japanese Fender & Squiers® - You will need to widen the control holes out to 10mm and get new US Spec, 24 spline knobs to fit the higher grade electronics. Shallow cavities may need routing // Right Hand Guitar Only

Other Models - We cannot guarantee that these will fit any other guitar.

Left Hand Guitars - Does NOT Fit



Obsidian Wire Custom '7 Way' for Strat // Gilmour Switch'

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