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Walla Walla Guitar Company offers two models, the ST-style Seeker, and the TL-type Maverick. Walla Walla has several unique designs, including Laser, Crystal, Skin, Vintage Wood, Exotic Wood, etc. For the Laser and Crystal, customers can choose patterns or provide your designs for inlay. Customers can choose semi-hollow, hollow or solid body, colour and hardware configuration, please feel free to contact us for details>>>>

Walla Walla Guitar Company主要提供兩種型號,ST款式的Seeker,以及TL款式的Maverick.
Walla Walla有多項獨有的設計,包括"Laser,Crystal,Skin,Vintage Wood,Exotic Wood等等,而其中Laser以及Crystal,客人可以自選圖案或提供物品以作鑲嵌.

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